At long last, a way to get rewarded for your bright ideas!

  • Share your ideas right at the moment of inspiration
  • No more comment card black holes
  • Participate in contests to win prizes for your best ideas
  • Participate in the most innovative community on the web!

Revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers

  • Deliver an engaging customer experience across platforms
  • Tight integration across social media
  • Powerful management tools to curate content and community
  • Configure and deploy with ease
Ready to start listening to your customers in new ways?
Providing a simple and consistent path for consumers seeking to share their ‘aha’ moments Learn More

Simple and Consistent

No need for users to download multiple apps, visit different websites, or navigate automated telephone menus - 9th Dot provides a simple, single access point through which consumers and businesses may engage.


Flexible and Convenient

We recognize the challenges businesses face in gathering information from customers using conventional techniques; surveys limit what customers can express and typically are not offered when convenient for the customer.


Rewarding and Satisfying

9th Dot’s model rewards consumers for sharing innovative ideas for improvements to the user experience with businesses. Our reward system provides the proper incentives, while also delivering timely updates to consumers so they know their voices are being heard.


Insightful and Elective

9th Dot encourages its users to provide answers to questions that businesses may not even think to ask. We provide businesses with a platform from which they may browse and evaluate ideas for improvements to the user experience, with no restrictions.

Sophisticated feedback tools, one simple platform.

Set up an account within minutes. Customize a precise plan that meets your needs. Simplify your customer feedback loop and get results that matter!

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How it Works

Lightbulb goes off!


We've all had that moment of inspiration, when we see beyond the obvious and have a flash of genius.

Users submit ideas


With NinthDot, these 'aha' moments are easily captured at the moment of realization and directly forwarded to your favorite businesses for review.

Businesses reward users


As incentives to share these moments, businesses offer consumers direct rewards for the best ideas that they go on to implement.